Success from Sharing: Aimee Song + Kat Irlin

Success from Sharing: Aimee Song + Kat Irlin

Today I have the pleasure of sitting down with Aimee Song and Kat Irlin. You probably know them better by their handles actually, Song of Style and Kat in NYC. They both grew fantastic...


Snap Happy

Snap Happy

I’ve been thinking a lot about cameras lately.

into the wild garance dore photo

Wide Open Road

Living in New York City, I’m constantly inspired by people who spend their lives in completely...

At Alessandra D’urso’s

At Alessandra D’urso’s

Elisa was the one who introduced me to Alessandra, right after the Chanel show in March. We had a...

steven meisel role play garance dore photos

Role Play

Fashion is all about slipping in and out of different roles, but Steven Meisel’s fashion...

Doisneau the kiss garance doré

The World of Doisneau

Robert Doisneau’s work is an inspiration for any street style photographer.

A Parisian Studio

A Parisian Studio

Last time I was in Paris, I ended up – somewhat by accident – in the photography studio...

Pardon My French Video

Pardon My French / Is Everyone A Photographer?

This morning on Pardon My French, we’re talking photography! Ok, I’m off! Kisses!! Click...