Souvenir from Tulum

Souvenir from Tulum

Margaux, our lovely photo intern, just came back from Tulum…


Carven L'eau de Toilette

Smells Like Spring

Nothing wrong with smelling like spring year round, right?

Garance Doré Beauty Photo

Good Morning!

When I say I love having a morning routine, I really love having a morning routine. It’s the...

Shipley and Halmos Pop up Shop Photo

Greetings from Canal Street

We have a new ‘hooooooood !!! Yes, after leaving behind the very chic Greenwich Village, our...

Sheer Trend Photo

Sheer Delight

All this talk about nudity had me wanting to show some skin…

Garance Dore Shopping Cart Photo

Gold Rush

I’m slowly stepping away from my grey winter uniform…

MCMC Beard Oil Photo


Add this to your list of things to buy your man…

What’s that smell?

What’s that smell?

The other day at the Studio, all of our noses perked up when we caught G spraying on a new...

Sisley Paris Loose Powder Chloe Perfume Photo

My Sister’s Vanity, #2

“I love the Eau De Fleurs Néroli from Chloé, simply because… Smell this!!! It’s...

Carmen Kaas Narcisso Rodriguez Photo

For Her

I LOVE this ad for the For Her perfume by Narciso Rodriguez. The purity of the first photo had me...

Balmain Ambre Gris Photo

Ambre Gris

Ambre Gris is not my perfume, but I love the bottle so much that I wanted to post a picture. Eye...



I declare it the opening of the week of taking it easy. These past months have been a series of...

Mure Musc l'artisan Parfumeur Photo

I’m Looking for a Fragrance

I’m looking for a summer scent. When I was a teenager, I totally believed in all the stories told...