Olympia Le-Tan
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Ballet Biographies

I LOVE the ballet. Pretty much everything about it as an art form. I grew up dancing so there has always been a special place in my heart for anything to do with it, really. And while this...


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Style Story / Lisa Marie

Considering how long I’ve been following Lisa Marie’s style all over the world, it was...

Olympia Le Tan Photo

Be My Baby

Speaking of Olympia, I LOVED the way she presented her collection during fashion week. Girls having...

Olympia Le Tan Photo

Olympia / To Die by Your Side

Here is an extra cute video that Spike Jonze and Olympia Le Tan made… With love !

Olympia / Paris

Olympia / Paris

Here is the Paris of the great Olympia Le Tan, who’s the designer of the clutches (and now...

At Colette

At Colette

A few things on our Colette shopping list this week!