New York Vs Paris
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Touch the Sky

Which skyline do you love more: Paris or New York? Of course we love New York — we’re constantly inspired just by looking up! But the historic bridges and manicured gardens of...


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La Perfection

In New York, the city of perfection, you always have this chronic feeling of being a little bit out...

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Things Parisians Do

Parisians look a lot like New Yorkers: They dress like everyone in their neighborhood but feel like...

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Things New Yorkers Do

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I moved to New York. So much has happened in the...

Welcome to Planet New York!!

Welcome to Planet New York!!

Not too long ago I talked to you all about Juice Cleanses and some of you were were not too happy....

Paris Vs New York / I <3 U!!!

Paris Vs New York / I <3 U!!!

The other day I was on the phone with my father, who I don’t call nearly enough (not calling...

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New York Vs Paris : The Ring

So here’s quite a difference… The engagement ring. World, it’s time you know...

Party Dressing – New York Vs Paris

Party Dressing – New York Vs Paris

Let me say just one thing : Parisians don’t party like New Yorkers party. And vice versa....

<em>Changing Lifestyle</em> / Becoming Gwyneth Paltrow

Changing Lifestyle / Becoming Gwyneth Paltrow

Here’s the last episode in the Changing Lifestyles series. You may remember how I told you all...

<em>Changing Lifestyle</em> / Food Obsessions & Feel Good Books

Changing Lifestyle / Food Obsessions & Feel Good Books

This is volume 2 in the series Changing Lifestyle. You can read the first episode here, where we...

Life in New York : The Sleepy Yogi

Life in New York : The Sleepy Yogi

Okay, so if you want the real New York experience, there’s something you absolutely have to do...

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Life in New York
Manicure ! Pedicure ! Facial !

It’s funny, the first thing that I realized about New York, apart from it’s gigantitude...