Black Nail Polish Illustration Image

Reader’s Mailbox / Laetitia

Today, another Reader’s Letter… Which is actually a text from my sister. “What do...

Red Nails Photo

Back To Basics

You remember when I was talking about my new obsession with the nail salons in New York? Aaaaah the...

Some Business Cards Are Better Than Others

Some Business Cards Are Better Than Others

And here is Jenna’s business card ! Please click on the arrows to see the back :-)

HIPP x RGB Photo

Miss Hipp

I met Jenna on the street in LA* last week and she jumped right on me, made me meet her dogs and...

Spring Nail Polish Photo

Spring Nails

For the most part, in terms of nail-polish, a blueish red is enough to make this girl happy*....

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Life in New York
Manicure ! Pedicure ! Facial !

It’s funny, the first thing that I realized about New York, apart from it’s gigantitude...

Fluorescent Nail Polish Photo

Aha ahah!

Alright kids, thanks for the advice! I’ve chosen ——-> FLUORESCENT ORANGE!


What is elegance?

What is elegance?

Clothes are such a small part of what makes a person beautiful, don’t you agree? Here’s...