Nailed It

Nailed It

After several gel manicures, a try at acrylic (just once), and arguably too many layers of polish, I probably shouldn’t be wondering why my nails are so fragile. For the past year,...


This or That: Nails

This or That: Nails

When it comes to nail length, we can’t really figure out if there is a trend.

context nail polish garance dore photo

Beauty Product of the Week: Context

I love a good manicure, I really do, but I honestly don’t get them very often. It used to be...

Career / Jade

Career / Jade

I met Jade in Paris…for a manicure. It’s kind of rare for me to have someone come to the...

marc jacobs nail polish shimmer garance dore photos

Shine Bright

…At least on your toes? Ever since that NY Times article on nail salon in New York came out, I...

the finish garance dore illustrations

The Finish

“You know, the important thing is to be finished. If everything is perfect – your nails,...

short nails garance dore photos

The Short of It

Long nails used to be the ultimate sign of femininity and cool. I always wanted to grow mine but the...

I tested it and it’s great !!!

I tested it and it’s great !!!

A few new things have entered my life and they are so cool, I wonder how I was doing it before. Here...

Gel Manicure Photo

Alex’s Gel Manicure

Here is an extract of a Skype conversation with Alex about her AMAZING gel mani… Garance: Hey...

Nail Art Photo

The Gel Manicure

My friend Mariko always has the coolest manicures. From dots to stripes, Givenchy dogs to Stella...

Nail Art Photo

Nail Art

Every Monday morning, there’s so much suspense at the Studio… What’s Alex’s...

Garance Dore Photo

The Hand

I’m doing the unthinkable… I’m showing you my hands!!! Well, let’s be clear....

Pardon My French: Welcome to Fashion Week!

Pardon My French: Welcome to Fashion Week!

Here is a video where you will see my bike, a part of the Pardon My French team, my new Acne jacket,...

Toe Nail Photo


Aaaaaaaahrrrrraaaaaaaah! A giant pair of feet right on the front page of my bloggggggg! I’m...