nail polish
The Top Coat

The Top Coat

It has been my life mission (okay, this life mission started only a few years ago) to find the best top coat in all of the land.


Chanel Nail Polish


You don’t have to say goodbye just yet…

Dior Perle Nail Polish


I’ve been in a nail polish slump.

YSL Clutch Street Style Photo

Detail / The Clutch

I wish I could simplify my life enough to carry around a simple clutch during the day. I try, but I...

Staz Lindes Nail Beauty Photo

Take Care

Is it just me or do our nails take an extra beating in the winter? Dry cuticles, ridges, broken...

Should I get a gel?

Should I get a gel?

I know Alex is really adventurous with her nails, but being your low-maintenance buddy, I have a...

Clinique Shades of Beige Nail Polish


Don’t get me wrong, I love my nail art as much as, well, the next nail art addict, but I think...

Pink gift photo


More gifts…in pink (you know it’s one of my favorite colors) ! I can’t believe...

& Other Stories Photo

In Stockholm with Giorgia & Giulia

I was so excited when & Other Stories asked me to come to Stockholm and shoot two of my friends...

Kartika Luyet Photo


Meet my friend Kartika – you might not know her yet if you don’t live in France, but maybe...

Feeling Grey

Feeling Grey

I debated for far too many days hours what color my nails should be this fashion week…

Marc Jacobs Polish

Marc Jacobs Polish

I first met the new Marc Jacobs beauty line backstage at the show last season…

King of the Glitters

King of the Glitters

This is the greatest glitter top coat that ever lived.

Accessory Binge

Accessory Binge

This week, I’ve got accessories on my mind (oh and a few beauty products too)…

Cutex Cotton Ball Holder

Attn: Nail Polish Addicts!

Do you ever finish painting your nails only to look down at your toes and realize $%&@! they...