Studio Playlist: Cuffing Season

Studio Playlist: Cuffing Season

Cuffing season (you know, finding someone to cuddle and keep you company through the cold months) may have started back in the fall, but what is arguably the coldest month of the year is...


Studio Playlist: Fresh Start

Studio Playlist: Fresh Start

It’s our first day back in the studio which also means the first commute of the year. So we dealt...

girl crush gothic tropic mini garance dore

Girl Crush: Gothic Tropic

Few things are better than a good band that’s on the rise.

Friendship x Collaboration: Clare V + Mike D

Friendship x Collaboration: Clare V + Mike D

You should have seen me the day my friend Clare told me she was collaborating with Mike D on her new...

Desktop Jams

Desktop Jams

Sometimes you need little mid-day jam session while you’re working to keep those creative juices...

Playlist : At Aurelie’s

Playlist : At Aurelie’s

We are inspired by Aurelie’s world so much that we thought what better way to bring that to life...

Tone Deaf

Tone Deaf

I am a terrible, terrible singer. I’m probably the worst you know.

garrett borns bowery ballroom music musician singer band style garance dore photos


Ok, so you know that feeling you have when you hear a band or musician and think, “Oh, they...

raury on repeat music musician garance dore

Raury On Repeat

Recently, I have been listening to Raury on repeat. If you haven’t been introduced, he’s...

cointreau x garance dore paul andrew caroline issa pop up drinks fashion week

Have A Drink With Me!

Yesterday was the first day at our pop up café with Cointreau and I WAS SO STRESSED! But it’s ok....


summer playlist photo garance dore

Summer Playlist

Summer is double as fun with a great playlist, so we wanted to share with you what we’re...

what happened miss simone nina netflix documentary garance dore photos

High Priestess of Soul

Nina Simone! She is amazing, we all love her at the Studio (and, hey, who doesn’t?). We also...

jennifer justice career roc nation jay-z garance dore photo

Career / Jennifer Justice

I met JJ at dinner and loved her immediately. She’s just cool. A few days later we were having...

The Del Val #68

The Del Val #68

If you don’t already know this guy’s work, prepare to be charmed by how endlessly clever he is....

our girl goes tanning on a rooftop shopping board garance dore photos

Our Girl Goes Tanning

It’s summer in New York, and there’s nowhere better to tan than on a rooftop…...

hannah cohen singer music garance dore photo

Fake It

Have you heard of Hannah Cohen? If you haven’t heard the name, maybe you’ve heard her...

morgane bedel style story garance dore photos

Style Story / Morgane

Morgane is that Parisian girl – you know the one who feigns not being naturally chic,...

The Del Val #56

The Del Val #56

It’s astounding the influence these musicians had on America’s pop music. The light finally...