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Brighten My Day!

As winter’s gloomy tones become apparent, the simple pleasure of visiting museums and galleries has its way of becoming more enticing each weekend.  I’ve always been one to...


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Art We Heart

Fall is here, and that’s our favorite season to rediscover everything we love about New York...

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See Saw

Here at the Studio, we’re all big fans of art — and New York has so many great galleries!...

The Del Val #58

The Del Val #58

Redheads unite! You have your own magazine and there is a new issue. If you know Fran Lebowitz, you...

Matisse Cut Out Issa

Matisse’s Cutouts

In honor of the new “Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art,...

The Del Val #19

The Del Val #19

We particularly go for the cute plush Sharpies, but you’re sure to see something you like as well.

Sigmar Polke Retrospective


Ok, I didn’t know who Sigmar Polke was before I saw his work on Instagram…