Miu Miu
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EDIT No. 3 / Part 1: The Ease

For our third EDIT, we thought we’d take a little bit  of a different approach to fall and all of  the trends it has to offer. Garance and I talked about what we wanted to feature ,...


aziza azim street style garance dore photos


I’ve been clocking Aziza’s style recently during the fashion weeks – she has this...

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Chic Sweats

My love for comfortable sweats is endless, and so I’m always looking for new cozy options like...

amanda brooks street style garance dore photos

A Chic Mélange

My friend Amanda was recently visiting from her home in Oxford, England. She always looks so chic, I...

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Get Physical

Feeling inspired from the ballet and winter running to get physical this week.

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Style Story / Melissa

Do you remember Melissa? I met her in the street in Paris (the number of amazing people I’ve...

Soccer Chic

Soccer Chic

The World Cup has taken over and I am feeling inspired by to dress for the games.

Miu Miu Heels Photo

My Miu Miu!

…Worn by Alex eheheh. I had sort of a huge crush when I first saw them. A ton of images came...

New York Fashion Week Street Style Garance Dore Photo

Almost Spring

Can you tell I am getting antsy for spring? It’s starting to warm up (at least the snow is...

Fashion Week Invitation Photo

I Love Calligraphy

Even though I love all the crazy invites we get to shows, most of the time the ones I keep are the...

This Was Paris

This Was Paris

Click on the image or here to view the full post…

The Spring Coat

The Spring Coat

As some of you have noticed in my videos, I’m crazy about coats. I think I like them even more...

Style Elements / Mary Kate

Style Elements / Mary Kate

Here is Mary Kate’s fashion questionnaire. Mary Kate works at Teen Vogue (which I love), has...

Pardon My French/My Paris Diary #5

Pardon My French/My Paris Diary #5

And here is the last Fashion Week Diary!!! Pfffffff I know, soooooo depressing! (Don’t worry,...