brook klausing men style story brooklyn garance dore photo

Style Story / Brook

Meet Brook, a man who wears Redwing boots and confidently keeps a pink couch in his living room. If that juxtaposition isn’t foretelling of the type of guy he is, hearing his Southern...




It’s mens fashion week and beyond the obvious boy candy on the runways*, there’s so much...

chris norton style story jazz musician garance dore photos

Style Story / Chris

Ok, so it’s a little funny to do a post about your boyfriend. But the first time I met him,...

ed weatwick lessons from men garance dore photos

Thanks, Boys

In the spirit of menswear, I thought it was worth sharing some of the best style advice I’ve...

peter giang mens street style garance dore photos

Les Hommes!

When I first heard we would be having a full-on Mens Fashion Week here in New York, I was a bit...

philip crangi giles and brother style story garance dore photos

Style Story / Philip

I’ve been a fan of his jewelry for a long time. To me, Philip is a true artist — he...

parfums photo garance dore

Masculine ou Féminine

I’ve never been ultra femme when it comes to perfumes.

Style Story / Morgan

Style Story / Morgan

Men dress so great in the fall, it felt like it was time we toured a man’s wardrobe for a...

G Lorenzi Comb Photo

The Comb

In honor of our men’s week, I asked Scott to send me something he noticed this week, and this...

Greg Arams Photo

Greg Armas at the National Arts Club

I ran into Greg this morning at the National Arts Club where he was doing a walkthrough for his fall...

Lara Hemingway at the Marlton Hotel Photo

At The Bar

Loving this men’s suit simply worn with a vintage blouse and a fur collar. [I photographed...

Jon Dyer Facial Hair Chart

The Beardizers

My friends are crazy, CRAZY about guys with beards.

Garance Doré Man Illustration

How do they do it?

No, really, you’ve never wondered how guys do it? For us ladies, it’s easy: we have it all. We...

The Heart Of Men

The Heart Of Men

What I love about the men Scott loves to photograph is their soft, confident virility. I remember...