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Ready For Spring

Ready For Spring

I’m so sick of the raiiiiinnnn!!! I feel like spring is never going to come. I’m telling you, I know what’s going to happen… We’re not going to have a...


Pardon My French / Fashion Week Flashback

Pardon My French / Fashion Week Flashback

Here is wrap video from Fashion Week !!! I am presenting it monologue / flashback style, which I...

Marc Jacobs Photo

The Marc Jacobs Show

The light! The music! Here is a look at the magical Marc Jacobs show…

My Own Private Movie / Marc Jacobs

My Own Private Movie / Marc Jacobs

I loved it. I know I use that word too much. Seriously though, I just adored the Marc Jacobs show....

Sofia Coppola Louis Vuitton Burgundy Photo


Ah, I have so much fun with my mini photo studio*! Recently, I realized that I had jumped on the...

Pardon My French/Lunch at Miss Lily’s

Pardon My French/Lunch at Miss Lily’s

Come have lunch with Laure, Caroline, Erin and me at Miss Lily’s! Click the CC for subtitles.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

You should have seen my face when I saw the first looks at Marc Jacobs. What is it? The shoes, the...


Elisa Nalin Lahssan Photo

Super Polka Dot Power!!!

Kids, polka-dots attract polka-dots. And for spring, the thing is to mix those polka-dots, big ones,...

A New Skirt Length

A New Skirt Length

I am not sure this kind of skirt would look good on me, but I am still dreaming of Dries Van Noten...

From the Front Row… <BR><em>Marc Jacobs</em>

From the Front Row…
Marc Jacobs

Aaaaaah. If I was a fashion editor, I wouldn’t like to be seated next to me at a show....

<em>I</em> <B>h</B>e<em>a</em>rt <B>y</B>o<em>u</em> !

I heart you !

You remember the day I talked to you about “fade-it like Daphné*?” And so there you...

Michele Ouelett

Ooops, I did it again!

In London, just like in New York, if you want to drive yourself nuts being up and up on all the...

Hanneli Mustaparta Photo

Sports Illustrated

HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT? HOW DO YOU SURVIVE A FASHION WEEK? By that I mean, how do the serious people do...