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Clare and I on our way to the CFDA

Last Monday, I attended the CFDA ceremony with Clare Vivier. We’ve told you about Clare’s work before – she makes very cool bags and clutches and that night, since she’s a Council...


My Essentials

My Essentials

Here are a list of my essentials, as published in the last issue of Self Service. Click on the...

Elisa Nalin Photo

My Essentials / Elisa

There are certain women you see all the time on my blog, and that’s just simply because they...

Reader’s Mailbox / Functional & Fabulous ?

Reader’s Mailbox / Functional & Fabulous ?

From Kaysi : Garance!!! Do you have any advice for creating a minimalist, functional, and fabulous...

Rouge Louboutin

Rouge Louboutin

First I was intrigued by the Louboutin red sole, then I thought it was just the coolest idea, and...

Vogue Ball Illustration

The Masquerade Ball

III Crystal & Me “What do you think? How cool is this mask?” Crystal Renn asked me...

The Cut

The Cut

Like what we talked about not too long ago: right now, what I love doing is cutting my jeans and...

Street Style Photo

All the real girls

Hey guess what, guess what!?  Discovery of the year: the women behind the scenes of style are just...

<center>Girl, who are you ?</center>

Girl, who are you ?

It’s true that between the dream dress, the perfect pumps, the ideal jean jacket, and the...