jane keltner de valle beauty minute portrait garance dore photo

A Beauty Minute with Jane

“Morning:  I get my hair blown out once a week, and don’t really do anything to it in between. I like it best after I’ve slept on it a couple of nights. I don’t...


karlie kloss loréal cannes beauty garance dore photos

Karlie On Beauty

I met Karlie in Cannes, and let me tell you right now, it’s absolutely impossible to avoid...

liya kebede cannes beauty l'oréal garance dore photos

Liya On Beauty

At Cannes, I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite models, Liya Kebede. Of course I find...

Fashion News #14

Fashion News #14

Uniqlo Announces Collaboration With Carine Roitfeld Stocks predicted to sell out, fast. Sarah...

A beauty minute with Anna

A beauty minute with Anna

“Morning: After I’ve had coffee and walked my dog, I wash my face with CeraVe foaming...

In My Hair

In My Hair

I got a lot of questions about my hair yesterday…

Garance Dore Illustration


It’s summer. Real summer. It’s hot out. The days are long and you can be lazy without...

Gabriela Bloomgarden Photo

Heat Tech

Hot, humid, muggy. It’s usually what happens in New York when temperatures start rising. Of...

L'Oréal Mousse Absolue

A Color Story

Today, I would like to share a video with you that I made for L’Oréal Paris. I’m super happy...

Face Oils Photo

Well Oiled

I’m here today to alleviate your fear of face oils. (If you don’t have a fear, you can...

King of the Glitters

King of the Glitters

This is the greatest glitter top coat that ever lived.

Foundation Photo

The Great Foundation Debate

We tried them all!!! The other day, we asked you to give us your favorite foundations and promised...

French Beauty Illustration

Things to bring back from Paris

Every time I get back to NYC I have a bag full of products you can’t get – or at least...

To Ombré, or Not to Ombré?

To Ombré, or Not to Ombré?

I have this fantasy where I am one of those cool, super laid back girls when it comes to hair, who...

Michele Ouellet Photo

The French

Yesterday my friend Michele came by the Studio to say hello, and it gave Alex and I a sudden burst...

Nail Art Photo

Nail Art

Every Monday morning, there’s so much suspense at the Studio… What’s Alex’s...

Derek & Me & Hairspray

Derek & Me & Hairspray

I was Derek Blasberg’s guest on the show he hosts for L’Oréal, Hairspray Confessions. I...

Make Up Essentials Photo

My Make Up Essentials

Okay, it’s no time to hide: today is the start of fashion week. You don’t even want to...