Lisa Marie Fernandez
In Color

In Color

You know who does the colored lens look impeccably? Robert Downey Jr.. Seriously! Google “Robert Downey Jr. glasses” and you’ll see all the glorious rainbow shades he pulls...


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Style Story / Lisa Marie

Considering how long I’ve been following Lisa Marie’s style all over the world, it was...

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Get Physical

Feeling inspired from the ballet and winter running to get physical this week.

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Style Detox

One of the funniest quirks about my profession is probably my tendency to think of each episode of...

Fabulous Dress + Classic sneakers

Fabulous Dress + Classic sneakers

When I predicted the arrival of flats 26 seasons ago (Garance is in Susan Miller mode), I never...

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Back to Cool

You know that vague feeling you get when summer is coming to an end? When the days start getting...

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Sport de Plage

I love the kind of quirky but very chic accessories that are popular right now with all my favorite...

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Summer Vacation

Summer is my adored vacation. I love the looong days and the relaxation mania that gets everyone (me...

Color Story

Color Story

Sometimes, instead of focusing on precise elements of my wardrobe, I like to think of my look as a...

Lisa Marie at the Pellicano

Lisa Marie at the Pellicano

Here’s the bathing suit of my dreams! Simple, sexy, cool… And I’m not only saying...



Noooooooooou, I am not yet at the beach, but seriously, after the craziness of the last couple of...

From Miami: Pool Side

From Miami: Pool Side

So I forgot to tell you yesterday, but we are back in Miami for a couple of days – and this...

<em>Pardon My French</em>/Hey Ladies!

Pardon My French/Hey Ladies!

Here’s the last New York episode of Pardon My French! Take a look, there’s a lot going...