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Lip Service

Lips don’t like winter. The wind! The chill! It’s that time of year when, suddenly, a chapstick becomes a handbag essential. Recently, we were all talking in the Studio about how...


Bordeaux Lipstick

The Bordeaux Lip

When I told Garance I wanted to talk about the deep, berry lips we had seen on the fall runway, I...

Revlon Kissable Photo

Drugstore Score!

My list of favorite drugstore beauty finds is about a mile long. The most recent addition:...

Janice Alida Dior Photo

Janice, Backstage at Dior

The look at Dior was sophisticated yet light and luminous. I hung out with Pat McGrath (genius...

3.1 Phillip Lim Beauty Photo

The Lips at Phillip Lim

The lips at the Phillip Lim show included one very interesting element: eyeliner.

Dries van Noten Beauty Photo

Beauty at Dries Van Noten

Yesterday, at Dries… I love the grunge spirit hair and make up. So, ready to let your roots...

Solange Knowles Photo


When someone told me that Solange Knowles was going to be the DJ for our party tonight at Tiffany, I...

Elisa Nalin Photo

My Essentials / Elisa

There are certain women you see all the time on my blog, and that’s just simply because they...

Rouge Lip Illustration Image

Vintage Post / My Red

Today, I want to republish – and to have it translated in english for the first time ! – that...

Pink Lipstick Street Style Photo

Detail / Pink

I don’t know why but I’m super into pink right now. I changed my Google Chrome theme...



It used to amuse me when I saw it from afar and on other people I didn’t know personally and...