garance dore illustration how low

How Low

My dear readers, time is running short. The season of bikinis, crop tops and too-short shorts is upon us. And along with it comes the crucial question. Can you guess what it is?


under it underwear lingerie garance dore illustrations

Under It

So Garance may have already said it best ” Ultimately, no one cares if our underwear is more...

lingerie vs real life fortnight underwear bra garance dore photos

Lingerie vs Real Life

I love lingerie. I love being super comfortable. I love being sexy. I love being casual. I...

pansy underwear garance dore

Pansy Panties

The holy grail of underwear is cool and comfortable. And to add to the burgeoning fine list of lines...

whitney brown sheer standard hotel garance dore photos


When Brie talked to me about doing a fashion story about sheers, I thought it was a great idea, even...

valentine nyc bra photo garance dore

Be Mine

The perfect stocking stuffer comes stuffed inside a quaint box too.

Pattern Play

Pattern Play

Fashion week (month !) has me inspired to mix up patterns…

Cosabella Photo

Black Underwear

Nude week here at the studio had me wondering why I fancied black underwear so much.

Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Tight

“A good bra is like a good man: he’s gotta be good looking, supportive and he’ll...


Yasmine Eslami Lingerie Photo

I Love Lingerie !

I love lingerie but I am a nightmare for any lingerie salesperson because I’m so precise about...

The Underwear

The Underwear

Of course, while I’m in the middle of editing my photos of underwear, Scott walks right by me...

Ajaccio – Paris

Ajaccio – Paris

RESHOOT? You think so? Really? But with what? How am I going to illustrate the lingerie trend? And...

Manhattan – Corsica

Manhattan – Corsica

In December, for a special edition called Power of Fashion (oh yeah), American Vogue asked me to...

La Peau Douce

La Peau Douce

So here’s your summer cocktail : Something short, something loose, something relaxed. Lots of...

<B>M</B>i<em>x</em> & M<em>a</em>t<B>c</B>h

Mix & Match

“No because, you see, if there’s one thing I’ve come to understand, it’s that the thing to...

Sans dessus dessous !

Sans dessus dessous !

Seeing as I resemble more Lara S. than Kate M., in terms of my voluptuousness of life, buying...

<em>Satins & Lace</em>

Satins & Lace

Attention: this post is off limits to men. Tomorrow, guys! Hello, ladies! Here’s how the story...