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Fashion News #47

Fashion News #47

Fast Retailing Prepares for $2 Billion Public Offering. Mary Katrantzou Announces New CEO. Tamara Mellon, Founder of Jimmy Choo, Strategically Files Bankruptcy. New Vuitton exhibition is now...


editor's letter september private life public life garance dore photo

Editor’s Letter / Private Life, Public Life

Last week when I was re-reading my posts, I realized I’ve really been mentioning my boyfriend,...

Fashion News #27

Fashion News #27

Eva Chen to head Instagram’s Fashion partnerships. eBay sells enterprise business for $925...

women in clothes garance dore photos

Women In Clothes

Ever wondered what a discussion on style between hundreds of women would be like?

thelma louise best friends garance dore photos

Best Friends Are Best

So, I think we can all agree that nothing (and no one!) beats a best friend. Not even a boyfriend....

Garance Doré Nudity Illustration


Here are a few things that come to mind when I think about being nude… —— I feel pretty...

Jenna Lyons Photo

Jenna & Lena

Reason #1 we are tuning into the new season of Girls?

The Other Girls

The Other Girls

I like communicating on this blog the same way I talk with my friends. That’s one of the main...