Lauren Young
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A beauty minute with Lauren

“Morning: I wash my face with Eve Lom cleanser and then I use Laura Mercier Mega Moisturizer and Laura Mercier concealer. I try not to wear a lot of face makeup and just try to cover...


SPF 101

SPF 101

“Check out this sunburn!” I said to Alex the other day. Despite all the products and application...

Giles and Brother Bracelets Photo

Lauren’s Bracelets

“I guess you can say I am addicted to brass bracelets. Over the past few years, I have amassed...

Norma Kamali Swimsuit Photo


Yes!!! Yeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!! Summer is finally here! As I’m still in the city, I’m engaged in a...

You Go, Girl!

You Go, Girl!

It’s pretty crazy how non-motivated I am with physical exercise. I’ve NEVER been a...