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Marie Sixtine

It’s funny, when you travel all the time, all you want to do is find places that feel like home. I love hotels, but it makes me so happy when I can live like a local, get groceries,...


Maud Bourek Photo

Talking Age

We’ve been talking a lot about age over the last week here at the Studio and one of our most...

New York / Garance

New York / Garance

Last december, a team from the French Elle (photographer Gregroire Kalt and Lauren Bastide, a dear...

Photo Booth Ace Hotel Photo

The Photo Booth At The Ace Hotel

There’s a photo booth at Ace Hotel… Yeah, okay, that’s nothing too exciting and...

Pardon My French/My Paris Diary #1

Pardon My French/My Paris Diary #1

Click on the CC on the YouTube player for French subtitles.

Lauren / Paris

Lauren / Paris

Lauren is as Parisian as they get and you can totally see it when you read her City Guide. When she...