Lara Melchior
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Lara In New York

Remember my friend Lara, who I visit every time I go to Paris? The super talented jewelry designer with the dog and the parrot? Yeah, that’s the one :)


Garance Dore Gift Guide Photo


Here is the first part of our holiday wish list! Happy shopping :)

Marie Photo


The other day, I met Marie at Lara Melchior’s showroom and really liked her navy shirt with...

Ready For Spring

Ready For Spring

I’m so sick of the raiiiiinnnn!!! I feel like spring is never going to come. I’m telling...

Lara Melchior Photo

Paris 8.5

To tell you the truth, the reason I’ve been so lazy on the blog for the last two days is that I am...

The Artist & Her Atelier

The Artist & Her Atelier

I was looking through my archives yesterday and I couldn’t believe that I’ve never...



It’s totally easy to be irresistible. All you need is hair that naturally cascades down your...