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The Del Val #31

The Del Val #31

Fashion Month has begun and if you’re feeling up to it, despite all that you are (likely) already consuming, there are excellent new video interviews and much more with the M&S’s...


Is Fashion <em>That</em> Crazy ? <font size = 3>And Is This Why We Love It ?</font>

Is Fashion That Crazy ? And Is This Why We Love It ?

Have you seen It’s a Brad Brad World? What’d you think? What? You don’t know Brad?...



Here are a few images of the Alexander Wang afterparty. Don’t laugh at me at the end, I really...

<font size=5>my</font size=5> <font size=6><em><B>nights</B></em></font size=6><font size=4> are more </font size=4><font size=6>beautiful</font size=6> <font size=5>than your <B><font size=6>days</font size=6></B>.</font size=5>.<font size=5>.</font size=5>

my nights are more beautiful than your days...

Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Everywhere I’m seeing girls who want to make me jealous...

Hanneli Mustaparta Photo

Sports Illustrated

HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT? HOW DO YOU SURVIVE A FASHION WEEK? By that I mean, how do the serious people do...

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dIy dAy !

It all started because of my Marant jogging pants which have now become an international...



  It is always surprising for me, the Parisian that I am, to see just how perfectly New Yorkers are...

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On Beauty

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