Karlie Kloss
Fashion News #91

Fashion News #91

Colette to open pop up in NYC in partnership with Coach. Everlane collaborates with Opening Ceremony on cashmere collection. Anthropologie opens department store concepts. Karlie Kloss turns...


think about it social media garance dore illustrations

Think About It

Before you post something online, how clearly do you think it through? I take a photo I like, and I...

karlie kloss loréal cannes beauty garance dore photos

Karlie On Beauty

I met Karlie in Cannes, and let me tell you right now, it’s absolutely impossible to avoid...

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Happy Lines

When people think about lines, they usually think about wrinkles. But I want to talk about laugh...

Fashion News #5

Fashion News #5

NYFW Brings City More Revenue Than Super Bowl  An estimated $900 million according to a study by...

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I was once a gym fanatic. I would go to the gym religiously, at least five days a week.

watch your back garance dore illustration

Watch Your Back

“Does my butt look ok?” That’s the number one question my friends ask me when...

Adidas Adilette Street Style Photo

A short history of the slide

I know you know this slide. You’ve probably worn it before. Some would argue it’s never...

Burberry Photo

I Heart the Burberry Hearts!

I don’t what’s up with me and hearts, but it’s the “hearts” section...

Pardon My French / Paris Episode 4

Pardon My French / Paris Episode 4

And here is the last episode of the season ! Big kisses !

Karlie’s <em>Body</em>

Karlie’s Body

I was wondering what you all thought about the controversy over the Karlie Kloss photos in Italian...