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One Easy Piece

When Garance says, “We have to do something about jumpsuits!! I just got an amazing one!,” well, I listen. So we talked a little bit about how there have really been so many...


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When I interviewed Laetitia a few years ago at Cannes, we both looked completely different. Our hair...

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The Perfect Jumpsuit

I love the idea of a jumpsuit, but I haven’t found the perfect one.

Celine photo resort 2015 garance dore

Resorting to Céline

When all else fails, there’s always Céline…

Jeanne Damas Street Style Photo


There is a real difference between the jumpsuits I wear and have been showing you recently on the...

Total Ease

Total Ease

I’ve had a long time love for jumpsuits, even though I don’t wear them very often....

Garance Doré Ale Tarver Photo

Romper Season

I’ve always been a fan of rompers, and the season is now approaching (ok, that might be crazy...



Why do I love jumpsuits and overalls so much ? I am not sure, but it may have to do with the...

Chez Jess

Chez Jess

Do you remember my friend Jessica Barensfeld ? She lives in Brooklyn, works at home, has a looooot...

Flower Girl

Flower Girl

It’s not only in fashion that you find creative and exciting jobs. Denise, for example, is a...

Some like it hot

Some like it hot

Saturday afternoon, I felt like a donut squished by the heat. Feet up on my coach, my fan in...

nude as the news

nude as the news

Okay, so the skies of Paris decided I needed to regret every time I left the house in a springy...

I want to break <em>dance</em> free

I want to break dance free

Jumpsuit, Mango. As I was saying, rompers combine everything I love in style: with just one piece,...