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40th birthday party polaroids garance dore photos


I always told myself I would throw a party for my 40th birthday. Usually I’m pretty discreet about my birthday, mainly because it just isn’t very important to me but, this time, I...


happy birthday 40 chris norton garance dore photo

Happy 40th Birthday, G!!!

Today is Garance’s 40th birthday! Happy birthday, G!!! We may or may not be (but, really, we...

Happy Birthday Sofia!

Happy Birthday Sofia!

You’re considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion…

Garance Dore Illustration

39 x Cooler

Last week, I turned 39. Arrrrgh, there’s no more denying it, I’ve turned over a new...

Garance on a Cake!

Garance on a Cake!

Our lovely reader Anne sent in this photo of her birthday cake today (Happy Birthday Anne!)–...