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The EDIT No.5 / Part 5 – Terribly Nice Jewels

The last stop on our Fall Edit adventure is in the delicate, the sophisticated, the sometimes indulgent pieces of jewelry to adorn yourself with. For each and every person, jewelry becomes...


Noor Fares in New York

Noor Fares in New York

A couple weeks ago we visited jewelry designer Noor Fares while she was showing her new collection...

The Pearl Earring

The Pearl Earring

While the most valuable pearls occur spontaneously in the wild, and are very rare – in 2016...

The Anklet

The Anklet

Garance and I have a small summer obsession with, well … the anklet.



I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful wooden earrings lately.

Style Story / Aurelie

Style Story / Aurelie

It would be hard to not take inspiration from Aurelie’s world – one of bohemia, Parisian...

Market Crush : Spinelli Kilcollin

Market Crush : Spinelli Kilcollin

Sometimes you see a bag, a pair of shoes, or a certain piece of jewelry in shops and think “I...

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The Askill Brothers

In the studio, we’re not only inspired by all the siblings in fashion, film, and the arts who seem...

The Edit No. 4, Part 2: Florals

The Edit No. 4, Part 2: Florals

For Part 2 of our EDIT No.4 , its all about florals, florals and more florals! Garance spoke on the...


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Show Me Your Ring

I liked these Chopard rings the moment I saw them on a friend’s hand. They’ve got the...

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The Loop

A twist on the classic hoop earring, I love this variation which seems equally as minimal but...

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Get Stoned

Do you ever find yourself at the beach, picking up little sea stones, feeling the smooth surface...

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Do you have one thing that you always lose? I admit, I’m not always best to holding onto...

Charlotte Dauphin de la Rochefoucauld maison dauphin jewelry bijoux garance dore photos


Garance expressed it better than I ever could: we are all sending light and warmth to Paris today...

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The opal is a stone close to my heart. So that’s a bit of an Aussie thing, but sometimes you...

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EDIT No. 3 / Part 6: Knit Wit

Part 6 of our EDIT No. 3 is all about jewelry (and the smart knits to wear them with!). For Fall,...