Less is More

Less is More

Reality TV is really becoming a world on its own.


milatary jacket nicole chan garance dore photo

The Best Kind of Hand Me Downs

I always feel like my favorite things in my closet are the ones that are like a little piece of...

DIY Embroidery?

DIY Embroidery?

When it comes to life, I consider myself a minimalist.

Very Rare

Very Rare

My trip to Japan was a real dream come true…

Levis Commuter Garance Dore

Modern Commuter

If I can find a route to work that excludes the subway, count me in.

love languages illustration garance more

Love Languages

We all know that love is a universal language, but it still feels so complicated at times.

a little life book garance dore

A Little Life

You know those books that are life changing? The books that make it impossible to read anything else...

Lips, like you Red about

Lips, like you Red about

I must have this berry lip color that I saw at the Mansur Gavriel FW16 presentation! Must!!!

dior photo

Cold Shoulder

I think a bare shoulder is infinitely sexier than an exposed cleavage or a hitched up skirt....

staud clothing

Something About Staud

If you’re of the mindset that customizable is king, you might want to get yourself acquainted...

graphic feminism every mother counts tee t-shirt garance dore

Graphic Feminism

I know we’re not meant to talk about political affairs, but…. Graphic tees always get...

nowness ballet paris garance dore photos

Haut Vol

We can’t stop (and won’t stop!) watching this short film from Nowness.

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Can’t Stop / Serial

Okay, so I’m a little late to the party here. You know something has hit critical mass when...

new year new bag saint laurent garance dore photos

New Year, New Bag

At the beginning of each year, I like to take stock of the essentials in my life.

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Color? Pfft, who needs it?! Texture? Yes, always. Thank you.