At Sea

At Sea

Just a few days before their resort presentation, my friends Monica and Sean from the brand Sea...

At Julia’s

At Julia’s

I spent a few hours at Julia Chaplin’s house the other day — do you remember the photos...

Michel Varian Brass Hexagon Vases


Brass Hexagon Container, Michele Varian, New York.


Nicolas Ouchenir Paris Studio Photo

Ink & Paper

Last week, we stopped by the studio of Nicolas Ouchenir, a super talented calligrapher, who is...

Shipley and Halmos Pop up Shop Photo

Greetings from Canal Street

We have a new ‘hooooooood !!! Yes, after leaving behind the very chic Greenwich Village, our...

A Parisian Studio

A Parisian Studio

Last time I was in Paris, I ended up – somewhat by accident – in the photography studio...

Kate Dougherty Photo

Home Styling with Kate

Since we’ve opened our e-boutique last year, we’ve received photos from so many of you...

Weekend Inspiration #121

Weekend Inspiration #121

At Jessica de Ruiter’s, Los Angeles, November 2013.