life holiday gift board white garance dore still life layout photos


Here is our final selection of gifts!!! Good timing because this one’s my favorite…


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S#*t, The Gift!

S#*t. I am in serious gift stress overload right now.

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Lessons In… Gifting

I can’t believe the gift giving season is so close! I don’t know about you, but between...


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And here is our first board, created especially for you by the great Elle, the “beautiful...

how much to gift femme francaise illustration

How Much To Gift?

Or is it better to set a limit? That’s what we do in my family: you can only spend so much on...

not registered wedding gifts garance dore illustrations

Not Registered

I’ve hit that point in my life where my weekends are becoming filled with friends’ weddings....

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Be Mine

The perfect stocking stuffer comes stuffed inside a quaint box too.

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Don’t Be Late!

“I swear I got you something, it must be in the mail!” Okay, so we’ve all heard...

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Gift Guide / Day 1

It’s almost the holidays and, to celebrate, we have curated our very own gift guide! Every day...

The Del Val #37

The Del Val #37

Almost everyone recognizes their designs, but if you haven’t seen their great films, start with...