Baby Steps

Baby Steps

I have this love / hate relationship with cooking.


Living Raw with Mimi Kirk

Living Raw with Mimi Kirk

The saying goes “you are what you eat” – which, when looking at Mimi Kirk, makes...

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Simple and Seasonal

When it comes to Japanese food, I feel like sushi has become the know-all, end-all definition. I...

Kingsley’s Guinea Hen Egg

Kingsley’s Guinea Hen Egg

If there’s one thing the studio can agree on, it’s that eggs make a full meal. Em &...

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On the Go

So even though my goal in life is to cook more, and I love the nicer restaurants I recommend to you...

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3 Times the Italian

It may be summer and sure, we’re meant to indulge in massive salads and bowls of watermelon,...

Malibu Farm’s Paella

Malibu Farm’s Paella

I didn’t know I loved paella until it found me at my best friend’s wedding in Ibiza....

Malibu Dream

Malibu Dream

A trip to California wouldn’t be complete without heading to Malibu and going to one of the...

A Night In

A Night In

Nothing quite like not going out. My idea of a good Saturday night involves pajamas, whatever...


Epicerie Generale Recipes x 3

Epicerie Generale Recipes x 3

Remember when Garance said we’d be sharing three of her favorite recipes from the breakfast at...

root and bone squash spaghetti recipe restaurant food garance dore photo

Root & Bone’s Squash Spaghetti

You could say I was an “early adopter” (guys, I am so in on the tech lingo, just ask G ;) to...

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At Mimi

In New York, it’s those little peculiarities that make a restaurant special. When Camilla told...

flinder's lane nyc laksa cocount curry soup recipe restaurant food garance dore photos

Flinders Lane’s Laksa Soup

You might not have heard of laksa, but it’s one of my all-time favorites. Seriously,...

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Délice & Sarrasin’s Crêpe

I love making crêpes – they’re the perfect food to make for guests, especially when you...

seamores fish tacos recipe restaurant garance dore photos

Seamore’s Fish Tacos

It’s crazy – I had almost never eaten Mexican food before moving to the US and...