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Back to Earth

Earth Day comes every year. (Ok, so we’re making a week of it.) And, while we should be conscious all year-round (my vintage addiction I believe is a step in the right direction),...


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Each time I see her at Fashion Week, I admire her elegance and her mystery.

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Know Nehera

Have you heard of Nehera? It’s a new name on my fashion radar… Founded in the 1930s by a...

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The Dries Skirt

Ok, so what do you think about the Dries half-skirt? We love the drama of it, and thought the whole...

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I love socks and feel like as a connoisseur… I might also be an expert on this subject. Seriously,...

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Best Dressed?

The Oscars happened! Did your favorites win?

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Winter, you don’t scare me!!! In honor of New York Fashion Week coming up, now that magazines...

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Ok, this one’s got me stumped. My leather pants squeak.

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Sweater Shedder

I might lose my mind soon, if I can’t sort out this shedding situation.

editors letter 5

Editor’s Letter #5

What is fashion today? That’s the question that keeps coming up with me and my friends –...


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Women In Clothes

Ever wondered what a discussion on style between hundreds of women would be like?

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Chapeau Bleu

I have kind of a small head, so hats are… well, a big deal for me.

Personal Style Evolution

Personal Style Evolution

It’s funny how much your style can change in just a few years.



You have no idea how hard it is to write about fashion! It’s hell! Not only are the terms just as...

les filles cool…

les filles cool…

Pof, je suis tombée sur Lou Doillon hier. Elle s’était sûrement dit tiens, il fait super...

20 000 lieues sous l’orgueil

20 000 lieues sous l’orgueil

At the time this post is being written, I’m drowning in a sea of Rykiel pants that retrace the...

you say party ! we say die !

you say party ! we say die !

Pour ceux qui n’étaient pas la ce week-end, nous traquons avec Géraldine et Yvan tous les...