Garance Dore Photo

Seeking the Perfect Eyeshadow

So, the thing is, I still do my eye make up like a teenager – I grab any black khol, trace a...

Blue Mascara Photo

Electric Lashes

Ever since Pat McGrath sent models down the runway with electric blue lashes for Stella...

Michele Ouellet Photo

The French

Yesterday my friend Michele came by the Studio to say hello, and it gave Alex and I a sudden burst...

Mascara Illustration

The Brush

Here you have an overview of my mascaras. I loooooove mascara. It’s beautiful…

Liu Wen Cat Eye Photo

Cat Eye

First of all, Liu Wen is one of my favorite models right now. She’s always got a smile on her face...

Make Up Illustration Image

Just A Question…How to Take It Off?

I love to put make up on my eyes. A little bit of concealer, a little bit of eye shadow and a lot of...

Marni Photo

Cool Makeup at Marni

I like this a lot, this whole eyeliner swoosh in colors that are so surprising yet subtle at the...

Eye Lashes Photo

Yeux de Biche

Here you go: three of my friends I just saw with the most incredibly long shiny eyelashes I’ve...

Tamiko Photo

Tamiko’s Eyes

So, can you guess what I am going to talk about ?



Woooooooo welcome to my new siteeeeeeeee yeaaaaaaaah! So here’s the result of of a few months...

This, I wouldn’t even try

This, I wouldn’t even try

I am the queen of fashion faux pas… But these are some things that, even as much as I love...

Kristin Gallagos Photo


I want to talk to you about black in summer. When the temp gets up there and you can show a little...