Rachel comey beauty photo


The secret ingredient in those smudged plum eyes backstage we spotted at Rachel Comey?

What is sexy?

What is sexy?

When it comes to beauty, what makes you feel sexy?

The Subway Smoky Eye

The Subway Smoky Eye

How do you feel about applying makeup in public?

Eyelash Envy

Eyelash Envy

I’ve always been envious of girls with super long lashes…


Le Make Up

Le Make Up

It took getting totally drunk years to finally understand how to make up my eyes. In make up...

Camila Valquez Photo

Olive Oil

We talked before about all of us girls sharing an apartment during Paris Fashion Week and as...

Kenzo Beauty Photo

The Look at Kenzo

The inspiration behind the look at Kenzo: Stanley Kubrick meets India. So how exactly does that...

Janice Alida Dior Photo

Janice, Backstage at Dior

The look at Dior was sophisticated yet light and luminous. I hung out with Pat McGrath (genius...

Garance Dore Photo

Seeking the Perfect Eyeshadow

So, the thing is, I still do my eye make up like a teenager – I grab any black khol, trace a...