my gel nail manicure hand garance dore photo

My Gel

What’s it called in French, again? Une manucure au gel? Hang on, let me Google it… Yes! Manucure gel.  


the finish garance dore illustrations

The Finish

“You know, the important thing is to be finished. If everything is perfect – your nails,...

A beauty minute with Anna

A beauty minute with Anna

“Morning: After I’ve had coffee and walked my dog, I wash my face with CeraVe foaming...

Feeling Grey

Feeling Grey

I debated for far too many days hours what color my nails should be this fashion week…

Matte Nails Photo

Matte Nails

I’m a little bit of a nail polish junkie…okay maybe not a little…(between my roommate and...

Sofia Coppola Louis Vuitton Burgundy Photo


Ah, I have so much fun with my mini photo studio*! Recently, I realized that I had jumped on the...

Toe Nail Photo


Aaaaaaaahrrrrraaaaaaaah! A giant pair of feet right on the front page of my bloggggggg! I’m...