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My Essentials / Elisa

There are certain women you see all the time on my blog, and that’s just simply because they inspire me the most. Take Elisa for example. During the fashion weeks, I can always pick...


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Unpublished / Elisa

It’s winter break!!! And for the break, I’ve put together a little selection of photos...

Paris, Je t’aime

Paris, Je t’aime

Today, let’s talk about looooooooooove ! Click on the arrows to see all the images.

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Chez Claus avec Elisa

Yesterday, Elisa took me to Claus’ for lunch. Claus is a little restaurant that opened not a...

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Super Polka Dot Power!!!

Kids, polka-dots attract polka-dots. And for spring, the thing is to mix those polka-dots, big ones,...

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Yesterday, I was waiting for the start of the Rick Owens show at the Palais de Tokyo when suddenly,...