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Saint Valentine and snowstorm Pax have me wanting to wear red and stay warm.

Meruyert Ibragim Street Style Photo

Le Coat

Super happy to see this Dries coat on the street… It’s so pretty, right?

Lara Hemingway Red Lipstick Photo


I always feel like a red lipstick is going to prevent me from looking like a man when I put on a...



And this is what they call winter in LA – seeing how crazy cold it is in New York right now, I...

My Faux Coat

My Faux Coat

Even if I’m not fundamentaly against fur (I explained why here), I like trying to find...

Giorgia Tordini Photo


Love Giorgia’s outfit. And that jacket, does it tell you anything? We’ll talk about it...

This Was Paris

This Was Paris

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Spring Trends Bermuda Shorts Photo

Spring Trends: Bermuda Shorts

The Trend: Bermuda shorts. How I would wear it: I like the tropical printed styles from Dries and...

spring trends ruffles board photo

Spring Trends: Ruffles

The Trend: Ruffles. How I would wear it: I love how versatile this trend is, from details on a...

Spring trend metallic photo

Spring Trends: Metallic

The Trend: Metallics. How I would wear it: I think a metallic skirt can be really chic. What I love...

Ready For Spring

Ready For Spring

I’m so sick of the raiiiiinnnn!!! I feel like spring is never going to come. I’m telling...

Lara Melchior Photo

Paris 8.5

To tell you the truth, the reason I’ve been so lazy on the blog for the last two days is that I am...

The Spring Coat

The Spring Coat

As some of you have noticed in my videos, I’m crazy about coats. I think I like them even more...