Jackson Pollock Style Converse Sneaker Photo


A friend of ours painted these Converse as a part of her Jackson Pollock Halloween costume (um,...

weston-kitsune collaboration loafer image

Cool Loafers

When I spotted these loafers on Lolita in Paris they immediately struck me as the perfect fall...

Uncommon Matters Bracelet Photo

Detail / The Bracelets

We’ve already debated whether or not you should match your shoes to your bag, but what about...

Pernille Teisbæk Photo

Three is a Trend

This summer, I suddenly remembered my ears were pierced. I had done this during my...

Can you heel it?

Can you heel it?

Tsssss, tsssss. Before you go crazy crying out “Noooo waaaaayyy!” let me refresh your memory...

Hermès Scarf Photo

The Camera

Spotted at Annabelle’s, a pretty scarf as a camera strap!


Monique Pean Photo

The New Rings

Some strange things are happening on the ring front : the knuckle ring is on every finger this...

My Next Sneaker?

My Next Sneaker?

I am a big fan of sneakers – especially in the winter, they’re good and warm for the...

Funny Detail

Funny Detail

What Allison is wearing under her shirt is not another shirt, it’s a dickie. I find the idea...

Form & Function

Form & Function

This purse is great, not only because it’s beautiful, but also because you can wear it on your...



I know. Ahhhhhh how terrifying are these?! BIRKENSTOCKS!!!! If I had shown these do you three years...

Ulyana Sergeenko Photo


There are girls who wear them just for the look. There are girls, like me, who need them when they...