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Roommate Etiquette

I wish there was some sort of handbook because there are too many people that just don’t get it.


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Ok Computer

Although originally English, I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot throughout my life. As a...

Magazines on My Mind

Magazines on My Mind

I’ve been an avid magazine reader since I first stumbled into a newsstand as a teenager in New...

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Mad for Miro

Raise your hand if you’re an art enthusiast.

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Imagine standing in front of a room full of strangers, reading aloud from your teenage diary.

Concrete Decisions

Concrete Decisions

Ever find yourself strangely attracted to concrete?

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Let’s say I’m about to go on vacation to a place where I’ll have better things to do than take...

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Designed for Instagram

Most clothing brands use Instagram as a means for building social interest in their company, but...

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Paired Off

In a world of dating apps and websites where people can connect with the click of a button and a...

carey headphones podcast

New Podcasts!?

Help!!! I need a new podcast to listen to and, like most apps, I haven’t developed a formula...


Fashion News #2

Fashion News #2

Gucci Names New Creative Director Alessandro Michele, who has been a  part of Gucci’s design...

Rio em Janeiro

Rio em Janeiro

It’s my first time to Brazil and I can’t believe I’m leaving already. It’s...

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Fashion is a very organized little world. There are ways and costumes, kings and queens, jesters and...

Here comes the Sun !

Here comes the Sun !

Sydney is a radiant city and I think I’m falling head-over-heels in love.  I’ll have to...

By Air Mail

By Air Mail

Australia, such an amazing trip!  I really get the impression I’m walking upside down....