Costa Rica
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Five Minutes

Don’t laugh – what I’m about to say is super serious, it might even change my life: I’ve started meditating.


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Crazy Hair Time!

My haircut was a revolution, blah, blah, we all know that already.

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Editor’s Letter #7

I’m writing to you feeling almost refreshed after coming back from Costa Rica, and ready to take...

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Little News!

1/ I finished my book. For everyone around me, that means absolutely nothing. I’ve been saying I...

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Editor’s Letter #6

Happy March ! Right now, I’m working on finishing my book – the deadline is coming up...

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In Costa

I almost have no words to describe my vacation in Costa Rica. That’s how amazing it was. The...

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Style Detox

One of the funniest quirks about my profession is probably my tendency to think of each episode of...

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Hello 2015!

Here we are, beginning another exciting year!


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New Year’s Eve

Are you ready for the holidays? We all have a kind of love/hate relationship with New Year’s...

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Lately, I’ve been trying to simplify my life. I want simplicity in everything. Like, even Homeland...

Weekend Inspiration #51

Weekend Inspiration #51

This Owl Butterfly got lost in my room. Here he is, trying to scare me with his fake eyes. I...

Weekend Inspiration #50

Weekend Inspiration #50

A king vulture, shot right after we interrupted his lunch (Sorry vulture ! We hadn’t seen you...

Yesterday’s Picture…

Yesterday’s Picture…

…Was taken with a phone. Some of you asked me which camera I shoot with for this kind of...

At Home in the Jungle

At Home in the Jungle

Costa Rica, it has always made me dream, but we didn’t really have time to check where we were...

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

For Thanksgiving, Scott and I went to Costa Rica – and it was magical. Here is a first picture...