Sometimes, you have to take risks to be beautiful. That’s what I did this summer.


Beach Bum

Beach Bum

This past weekend I headed to Rockaway Beach in New York.

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Summer Recap

Ok, kids, I know you’re going to hate me for saying this, but we have to face reality: August...

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Editor’s Letter #11

I’ve just landed after a series of trips that were just as amazing as they were exhausting.

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I Am Not…

Sometimes we have ideas about ourselves that turn out to be completely false. Take me, for example...

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The New Rich

I grew up in Ajaccio, a small seaside city in Corsica. There is an avenue that runs through the...

Bonjour from Corsica

Bonjour from Corsica

A little layover in Corsica to say hello to my family and let my nephews jump on me – the...

Garance Doré Nudity Illustration


Here are a few things that come to mind when I think about being nude… —— I feel pretty...

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I Hate Being A Tourist

I love traveling but I hate being a tourist. Cause, you know, I have this constant internal battle...


Viva Corsica!!!

Viva Corsica!!!

I am so happy – The Wall Street Journal asked me to write a story about Corsica… in...

Corsica / Laetitia

Corsica / Laetitia

This city guide to Corsica is very close to my heart because, I mean, as you may already know,...

My Summer Essentials / Aurélie

My Summer Essentials / Aurélie

Aurélie makes the most fantastic jewelry, is about to open her first boutique in Paris and is one...