I could tell you about how much I admire Rashida Jones – but I already did here. So today, let’s focus on her outfit that I love – from the white pumps to the duffle coat to...


My Faux Coat

My Faux Coat

Even if I’m not fundamentaly against fur (I explained why here), I like trying to find...

Garance Doré Illustration

Things New Yorkers Do

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I moved to New York. So much has happened in the...

Delphine Del Val Photo

The Commute

As we’re about to move in our first real Studio (meaning, not a part of my home but a real...

Céline Resort

Céline Resort

The wait is over for a look at the Céline resort 2014 collection…

Christina Caradona Photo

The Cover-Up

Fall is commmming !!! (excited for no reason) – it’s time to take out our hats, jackets,...

Lolita Jacobs Photo


The Paris weather has a split personality right now. Like, yesterday, I was shooting on the streets...

Things I Can Do Right Now #4

Things I Can Do Right Now #4

Whether it’s a scarf, a coat or a necklace, tucking your hair into it just looks cool....

Joanna Hillman Photo

The Red

When it’s cold and there is no sun, happiness is a colorful coat. It pumps up...