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mini city guide kingston jamaica

Larissa Gunn’s Kingston Jamaica

Friend, casting agent, and lady behind Balmyard Beauty, Larissa Gunn, gives us the low down on Kingston, Jamaica, a city she frequents for work and play. On a snow day in NYC, Jamaica sounds...


laure heriard dubreuils houston garance dore

Laure Heriard Dubreuil’s Houston

You might remember Laure from our Miami city guide, or perhaps you know here from her from her...

sarah staudinger venice beach garance dore photo

Sarah Staudinger’s Venice Beach

The ever stylish Sarah Staudinger gives us a virtual tour of her Venice Beach, CA neighborhood!...

kym ellery mini city guide garance dore photo

Kym Ellery’s Sydney

Kym Ellery shares her favorite spots from Sydney!

annina mislin garance dore photo

Annina Mislin’s Los Angeles

Annina Mislin shared her favorite things about Los Angeles with us!

caroline issa asia typek garance dore photo

Caroline Issa’s London

We asked Caroline Issa for her top 5 favorite things from her city of London!

Kyoto City Guide

Kyoto City Guide

In case you don’t follow our Instagram, a little while ago I had the very fortunate pleasure...

drake burnette marfa texas city guide garance dore photos

Drake / Marfa

Drake and I met almost 3 years ago through our boyfriends, and I think we secretly both thought the...

jennifer binney samudra hawaii city guide garance dore photos

Jennifer / Oahu

I first met Jennifer through her brand, Samudra, and especially like her clutches – I just...

Veronika Heilbrunner Berlin City Guide Garance Dore photos

Veronika / Berlin

I’ve never been to Berlin, but it’s one of my dreams – and who better to ask for...

Lolita Jacobs Photo

Lolita / Paris

It’s been a while since our last Paris City Guide and for this one I thought Lolita would be...

Melissa Metaxa Photo

Melissa / Mykonos

Vacations with friends in Mykonos are wonderful – even more if one of them knows the island by...

Viva Corsica!!!

Viva Corsica!!!

I am so happy – The Wall Street Journal asked me to write a story about Corsica… in...

Corsica / Laetitia

Corsica / Laetitia

This city guide to Corsica is very close to my heart because, I mean, as you may already know,...

Nicole / Los Angeles

Nicole / Los Angeles

Here is the city guide of my friend Nicole Cari! In the last few years I’ve fallen in love...

New York / Garance

New York / Garance

Last december, a team from the French Elle (photographer Gregroire Kalt and Lauren Bastide, a dear...

Pamela / Brooklyn

Pamela / Brooklyn

Here’s a special Brooklyn city guide by Pamela Love. I just love her so much and I’m...