chopard ice cube ring garance dore

Show Me Your Ring

I liked these Chopard rings the moment I saw them on a friend’s hand. They’ve got the feel of an instant classic – not too thick, not too thin – and I like that you...


Poppy Delevingne Chopard Garance Dore


Do you know Poppy Delevingne ? I love this girl – with her blondness and sweetness and...

Gaia Weiss Photo

New York Vs Paris : The Ring

So here’s quite a difference… The engagement ring. World, it’s time you know...

Pardon My French / Cannes

Pardon My French / Cannes

And here is Pardon My French in Cannes! Thank you so much Chopard for having us there…

Brady Cunningham Photo

Travelling Chic

Do you remember Brady? Each time I see her, she has perfect style. Simple and elegant, just right....

Ezra Miller Photo

Ezra Miller

The Martinez Hotel during the Cannes Film Festival is so crazy. You’ll run into Bruce Willis...



This is the bracelet that Chopard lent me for the AmFar gala*. They’re emeralds and I think...

Julia Saner Photo


Going up the red carpet is something that can change a career. Having to show up in front of...