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Watch Your Back

“Does my butt look ok?” That’s the number one question my friends ask me when they’re trying on jeans. How your butt looks in jeans – the basics, right? I...


Chanel Nail Color Garance Dore Photo

Chanel Les Rouges Cult

Talk about a TBT. Chanel is #tbting all the way back to 80’s.

michelle harper garance dore

A Beauty Minute with Michelle

“Morning: The most important things for beauty, aside from products is your hapiness because...

elisa nalin garance dore

A Beauty Minute with Elisa…

Morning : I wash my face with Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream, then I spray my face and neck with the...

Le Boot Café

Le Boot Café

The other day between shows we bumped into Laura grabbing a coffee at Le Boot Cafe in the 3e.

The Fashion Watch

The Fashion Watch

This will make you really want an Apple Watch.

Pernille Teisbaek London Fashion Week Sandra Semburg Photo

Long Sleeved

It’s a bit refreshing to see some long sleeves when everyone is always rolling them up–...

Happy Birthday Coco!

Happy Birthday Coco!

You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty…


Watch Out!

Watch Out!

There are so many classic watches that I love…

Travel Beauty Garance Dore

Travel Beauty

So, I packed light for my trip… but I still managed to fit all of my favorite summer products!...

After Hours

After Hours

I wouldn’t mind a little after hours shopping experience…

Bikeable Couture

Bikeable Couture

My sporting dreams have come true: Chanel has made tweed bike shorts.

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Heat Tech

Hot, humid, muggy. It’s usually what happens in New York when temperatures start rising. Of...

Chanel Sunglasses Photo


Ah the sunglass visor … we talked about it’s cousin, the full fledged visor last...

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A beauty minute with Laila

“Morning: I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is have some coffee, before I even...