3 Things I Love About Skaters

3 Things I Love About Skaters

Being from California, I’ve always had a soft spot for skate culture.


vacation garance dore photo


Ah, vacation. A real vacation. I’d almost forgotten what vacation was. For me the past few years,...

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Let’s say I’m about to go on vacation to a place where I’ll have better things to do than take...

Editor’s Letter #16

Editor’s Letter #16

I’m writing to you from Los Angeles where the sun is shi…actually there’s...

the update instagram garance dore photos

The Update #3

It’s time for my Instagram Update …!!! Woo, you’re about to hear some good ones (G the...

C Faconnable Garance Dore Photos

California Dreaming

Remember the project Garance did with C x Faconnable?

Les Vacances

Les Vacances

It’s time to take a holiday. At the Studio, we’ve been carefully mapping out our summer...

Daphne Javitch Photo

La La Land

[La La Land – The term either refers to Hollywood, Los Angeles or a state of mind synonymous...

Napa Valley / Michele & Melinda

Napa Valley / Michele & Melinda

Here is our newest city guide! A Napa Valley guide from Michele and her mother Melinda, who make the...

Nicole / Los Angeles

Nicole / Los Angeles

Here is the city guide of my friend Nicole Cari! In the last few years I’ve fallen in love...


California Diary #14, Epilogue. Well, almost.

California Diary #14, Epilogue. Well, almost.

I’m in New York. It’s raining. It’s freezing. And it’s with a wistful smile...

Michele Ouelett

Michèle Makes Wine

So dancing around half-naked wasn’t the only thing I did in California (there’s so much...