California Diary
Garance in Coacheland

Garance in Coacheland

Well friends, off we go to embark on adventure once more, this time with Volume 2 of Garance in Coacheland the series of episodes as epic as it is never ending, and since I’ve got an...


California Diary #14, Epilogue. Well, almost.

California Diary #14, Epilogue. Well, almost.

I’m in New York. It’s raining. It’s freezing. And it’s with a wistful smile...

Michele Ouelett

Michèle Makes Wine

So dancing around half-naked wasn’t the only thing I did in California (there’s so much...

California Diary #2, <em>Girls Dancing</em>

California Diary #2, Girls Dancing

I am in Palm Springs! The sun’s too hot, I’ve put on so much sunscreen that I had an...