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BFF Bracelets

Do you remember how when you were a kid, you would exchange friendship bracelets? Woven and colorful, they were pretty, sure, but also proof of how tight you and your BFF were. It was like...


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The Bracelet

Sunday morning, I left my house in a big rush. I had a photo shoot, I was running late, and I needed...

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Uncommon Matters

Every day I look at my jewelry collection and think “enough is enough!” before almost...

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A Simple Curve

I’m a creature of habit when it comes to jewelry…

Justify My Love

Justify My Love

I don’t know why, but this photo really makes me think of Madonna’s album cover (be ready to...

Tie Dye

Tie Dye

Such a pretty shirt — I love the tie dye (especially the blue, it reminds me of fisherman...

Pomellato Bracelet

Summer Jewels

This summer, I started wearing delicate, colorful jewelry. It’s weird, it’s something I...

Bracelet Photo


I really love personal jewelry, the kind that has been passed down in a family and has a story. The...

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Look Back

I love it when a dress feels as comfortable to wear as a pair of sweatpants.

At Your Own Wrist

At Your Own Wrist

I like how these bold bracelets almost double as art objects.

Garance Dore Layering Photo


Mastering the art of layering is no easy task, my bag ladyness can attest to that.

Uncommon Matters Bracelet Photo

Detail / The Bracelets

We’ve already debated whether or not you should match your shoes to your bag, but what about...



I am transported by Balenciaga’s jewerly right now. Remember these rings? I particularly love...

Giles & Brother

Giles & Brother

Here are pictures of some Giles & Brother jewelry that I love. (Do you remember their...

Bali Style

Bali Style

I love this photo because it is a good representation of Bali, the mix of the traditional and the...



Ahhhhh summer….It’s all about the beach and super cool, colorful jewelry! I love this...

Giles and Brother Bracelets Photo

Lauren’s Bracelets

“I guess you can say I am addicted to brass bracelets. Over the past few years, I have amassed...