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My Brilliant Friend

The other day, I walked into a bookstore and skimmed over the recommended reads. On one book was a note from the store owner that read, “If you give this book a chance, it will change...


The Del Val #60

The Del Val #60

There shall be no more hesitation in pronouncing a designer’s seemingly difficult name the next...

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Women In Clothes

Ever wondered what a discussion on style between hundreds of women would be like?

Doisneau the kiss garance doré

The World of Doisneau

Robert Doisneau’s work is an inspiration for any street style photographer.

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At Phillip’s Studio

The other day we paid a visit to Phillip Lim‘s showroom and studio. It’s every bit as...

The Del Val #36

The Del Val #36

700 free movies. You’re guaranteed there will be something you’ve not seen. And if you start one...

Hemsley and Hemsley

Eating Well

From a new restaurant to a new trendy food (I’m talking about you kale!), the way we eat is...

The Del Val #34

The Del Val #34

You have a device to read e-books on, right? You like beautiful art books produced by one of the...

Garance Dore Summer Book List

Summer Books

We are quickly approaching our summer vacations here at the Studio and we keep asking each other:...

Inspirations, Dries Van Noten

Inspirations, Dries Van Noten

The Dries Van Noten exhibition, Inspirations, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, is one of...


Jane and Serge A Family Album Photo

Jane & Serge

In the mood for some weekend reading? Okay, scratch the reading part, but how about some Jane Birkin...

Pink gift photo


More gifts…in pink (you know it’s one of my favorite colors) ! I can’t believe...

Garance Dore Gift Guide Photo


Here is the first part of our holiday wish list! Happy shopping :)

Le Livre Chloé

Le Livre Chloé

I’ve always loved Chloé. It’s probably one of my favorite brands. It’s a little...

Secrets of a Fashion Therapist

Secrets of a Fashion Therapist

There are two things that nobody wants to face: their closet and their mirror. – Betty...

A Book!

A Book!

One morning I woke up and my book was right there in front of me. It was amazing. The text was...