Ready, Set, Hibernate

Ready, Set, Hibernate

Weeks away from winter, I find myself thinking about how my productivity level is severely declining. Dreary months call for great films, wine nights and playing catch up with a pile of...


fall book club mini garance dore photo

Fall Book Club

In the tizzy of my recent cultural rut, I decided to get some friends together and start a book...

Obsessions / Suzanne Koller

Obsessions / Suzanne Koller

As you know, I’m forever and ever inspired by the work of Suzanne Koller. She’s also one of my...

eymele burgaud books garance dore photo

So You Say You’re a Feminist

Maybe you should be friends with Emma Watson?



Maybe it was the book tour that got us reading more, or maybe it’s just that we’re trying to...

letters to a young poet rainer rilke photo garance dore

Letters to a Young Poet

There are those books that you read again and again, and again and again, and again and again. I...

a little life book garance dore

A Little Life

You know those books that are life changing? The books that make it impossible to read anything else...

fates and furies book garance dore photo

Fates & Furies

We’ve been talking a lot at the studio about this idea that less is more and that we’re all...

the science of sleep garance dore beauty photos

The Science Of Sleep

Somehow living in the city that claims to never sleep can make you all the more aware of how...

on the beach reading books summer garance dore photos

On The Beach

Summer is a great time for reading. There’s no intellectual pressure to read something...

aziz ansari modern romance book garance dore photos

Modern Romance

One of my favorite things about summer is all of the reading I can get done, especially when I’m...

christian dior sunglasses beach still-life garance dore photos

Rayon de Soleil

It’s like I’m never, never, never going to find the ideal pair of sunglasses…

denial of death book garance dore photos

The Denial of Death

Don’t let the title scare you – I’m not being morbid, promise! It’s the name...

The Del Val #67

The Del Val #67

This is very easy to play. And very easy to lose track of time while playing. 50 #1: The best...

amanda brooks book interview always oak a party dress garance core photos

Always Pack A Party Dress!

I’ve always been a fan of Amanda Brooks’ style — I’ve taken photos of her at least 2,550...

editors letter 9 the old and the new garance dore photos illustrations

Editor’s Letter / The Old And The New

It’s difficult to make big changes sometimes. Whether it’s the way you take care of yourself,...