Easy Does It

Easy Does It

Summer is the season for a lot of exciting things: barbecues, warm rooftop social gatherings, and as G wrote about last week, beach days where we can grapple with self confidence and grace...


keisha lall garance dore photo

Our Brows

I have always admired women with strong brows. Whether au natural or groomed – they completely...

Kai Avent-deLeon beauty minute garance dore photos

A Beauty Minute With Kai

“Morning: In the  morning I use Caudalie Cleansing Water in organic grape and camomile,...

laura stoloff beauty minute garance dore photos

A Beauty Minute With Laura

“Morning: I like to start my day off with vinyasa yoga, running or barre pilates. It gives me...

hannah dilworth beauty minute garance dore photo

A Beauty Minute With Hannah

“Morning: First things first, I have always cherished my sleep and am known for my napping...

Jayne Min Beauty Photo Garance Doré

A beauty minute with Jayne

“Morning: Every morning I wash my face with either Binchotan Charcoal Facial Soap or Somme...

A beauty minute with Annina

A beauty minute with Annina

“Morning: I use Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel – it works very well with combination...

Nice Brow!

Nice Brow!

I’d like to go ahead and declare it the year (okay, maybe even the decade…check back...

Laila Gohar Photo

A beauty minute with Laila

“Morning: I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is have some coffee, before I even...

City Tropics

City Tropics

Thinking about trying the Hawaiian trend this weekend.

Makeup, My Favorite Things

Makeup, My Favorite Things

Ever since Alex came into my life, I’ve become more and more of a makeup pro. Having someone...

A Rainy Weekend

A Rainy Weekend

Meeeeeh, it looks like the rain is here to stay… So here is my shopping for the weekend !

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For Your Brows

After our big brow discussion, I wanted to share with you my brow product of choice…